Pearl Tea Experiment


I bought some cascade hops in bulk so I brewed an All Cascade Pale Ale.  Because I cannot leave well enough alone I pulled a gallon from the primary and added 5 Jasmine Dragon Pearls to it, instead of the cascade hops.

It came out amazing.

But then I wondered, did I hit 5 per gallon just right, or is there a better level.

So I brewed another batch of All Cascade Pale Ale and this time I put all 5 gallons into 1 gallon jugs for secondary.

I added 5,7,10 pearls to the first 3, 1/5 oz .Northern Brewer, and 1/5 oz. Northern Brewer + 1/5 oz. Cascade to the last two.

I bottled 2 weeks later, and then tasted at in the Bay Area.  I had my Friend Toby plus 2 random people at the hotel pool help out.  Here are my notes:



# Bottles


Maker Faire Tasting (5/22/2010)


Darker, 6 12 oz, 1 big, FG 1008


nice detectable.  dent carb.  not as citrusy as before


10 bottles no test


"not a grace note", les carb, more detectable, cleaner beer.


10 bottles, 1008


10 no more jasmine, more pucker.


7 12 oz, 1 big, carbed with 1.8 oz in 200 ml, 10 ml per bottle


nb wow.  lots of celery or dull vegetable taste then citrus.  good aroma.


6 12 oz, 1


mb+c smoother better balanced, harmonious


Over time the jasmine flavor has settled.   The 10t, a few months later ,was closer to where the 5 was a week after.  Oddly the NB+C has really come awake and is preferred over the all APA and NB only.

I then scaled up the recipe and brewed a batch and added 25 pearls as I left for a month’s trip.  This batch is in the keg.  Overall less jasmine, much more tannin.  I love tea, so it is a great after taste for me, but it might be a but much for other folks.  I would do it with 25 pearls again, but I would not leave it for  over a month on the tea.


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