B-Day Labels #3 Fresh’N’Hop

This year I grew hops.  For those who don’t know, Seattle weather sucked this year, hard.  I do not normally complain about the weather, but June was colder than April.  I think we went 270+ days with a temp above 70.  This meant that of the 20+ rhizomes I planted, 7 grew.  And they grew late which meant they ripened while we were on a month’s vacation, and when we got back I had over ripens hops that had been rained on for 2 weeks, and broke the twine due to weight.  I grabbed all the hops and made a brew that weekend.  The beer was roughly 8G Cascade, 1g EK Golding (East King), 11 Glacier at 20, 30, and 5 min, and then I dry hopped for  with store bought Goldings and Cascades.


The first taste, was well, not good/, so I waited a week in the keg, and magically the beer mellowed and got quite good!

I struggled to find the right theme for the beer (which I called Fresh/F’ing Wet Hops), so I asked the minions, and we came up with this:


Searching Bing Images for fresh and pop led to one of the more disturbing tattoos I ever saw.


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