B-Day Labels #5 Blackberry Wit


For beer number 3 I brewed a Blackberry Wit.  I had a Sam Adams Blackberry wit and really liked it.  My goal was to brew a beer using the local blackberries on the property and in that vein I had the minions collect blackberries from the property.  I brewed a Wit Bier and went to add the blackberries to discover their were thrown out (got moldy).  I used 3 lbs. in the secondary of local blackberries.

The Wit Bier came out tasting really week.   My efficiency was very low (OG 1040 not 1063).  Also there was little blackberry flavor.  I added another lb. (this time non local, but no sugars).  Now the blackberry flavor is there, though the beer is too far in the background.  I will try this again next year.


For the label I wanted to play off of “Wit” and smart.  Trying to search for images was a pain since the Blackberry Phone came up.  Then on the 10th try, this image appeared and I had my answer!









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