GIAB so I can BIAB then I can FIAB #homebrew

After watching Ebay for a while I finally got a Corona Style Grinder for $25 shipped from Discount Tommy.

Here is an example pic:

The mill works pretty well, but there are some problems:

  1. It is hard to mount on our counters:  The counter have a bottom lip and that makes it hard to lock, but even then you have to leave room for the handle.
  2. It send stuff up as well as down.  This creates quit the mess.
  3. The Minions got tired grinding by hand, time for a motor.


The Solution for #1 was tricky.  For #2 I came up with a really ghetto box configuration:



I tried some pizza boxes and other ideas, but then I found the box.  The box was a random box.  I cut a whole in the end the shape of the grinding mill.  Then closed the lid.  It worked really well, but it did not solved the mounting issue, or the power.

When I went to find the right bolt to power it with my drill, I searched the net.  Good thing I did since the bolt is metric (.125 thread pitch, 13mm head bring your bolt into the hardware store.)


More importantly, II found this thread:

I went to Home Depot, grabbed the bold and some dryer duct to create a channel out.

But before I built anything I continued to read the 3 year long thread and saw this:

And I liked how contained it was.  This solved the spraying grain issues, allowed for motorizing and came with handles!  Problem 1-3 solved!

So I had freebie bucket from craigslist and started drilling.  In keeping with the ghetto theme, the buckets are permanently stuck.


So now I have Grind in the Bucket (GIAB).  Because I Brew in a Bag (BIAB which is really Mash in a Bag), I grind very fine.  This seems to be two much for either of my drills, but I have an air compressor so I just use air tools.  The biggest problem is keeping the tools slow enough.

Once done I have taken to using Bucket for primary fermentation, mostly because it is easier to dry hop large amount, thus I have FIAB.


So far the biggest problem with GIAB and BIAB has been wildly swinging efficiencies, such as when I brewed the Blackberry Wit (60%) and next week did my Accidental Imperial Stout (94%).  I am sure that will just take time to get it smoother.


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