B-Day Label #8 Princess Peach Ale

This time I had a request from Ahn (Mark’s Wife):  Can you make the next one with Peach in it?  I could not say no!

That is of course, assuming I could find peaches.  Turns out there was a shortage.  More than one store was flummoxed when I could not find them in the store.  Finally I called the produce managers and they said they were out, and that the recent rain and cold has prevented the crop from coming in.  Also Apricots, which are often recommended for Peach Beers (supposedly gives more Peach Flavor), were out as well.

Finally I found 6 lbs. of frozen peaches from, again, Remlinger Farms the same local farm that I used for the Blackberry Wit.

In chatting with the local home brew club (Mt Si. Homebrew Club) about how to brew, there was a strong “Do not make a wheat beer and add fruit to it” request.  Luckily I had already thought about a Pale Ale, and I decided that an IPA would offer a nice bitterness against the peach, and allow me to dry hop if the peach did not come through.

I brewed the Cascade IPA (My All Cascade Pale doubled for an IPA, plus Amarillo for fun) and left off the dry hops.  Now I split the batch for the BBR-BYO Experiment on Hydrating vs. Sprinkling Dry Yeast (no spoilers).  And I made about 5.5 gallons total.  When it came time to add the peaches I food processed the peaches and then put them in water and tried to hold the temp at 160-175 to kill anything, but not get pectin haze.  I think that worked.  I then racked both carboys to a bucket, overtop the peaches, which filled the bucket to inches from the top.  I then left on a surprise trip, and hoped the additional sugars did not blow the airlock Smile

When I racked 20 days later, there was lots of pulp (racking took forever) and the taste was not peachy, and frankly not great.

I let it sit for a week and planned on tasting to see if I wanted to dry hop, and go for an IPA only.  WOW the peach had really come out, and the hop nose has bloomed.  I bottled 52 bottles until it was looking a bit too pulpy, and I put the rest in a 2 litre bottle and carbed the bottle.

Now for the label, I wanted to avoid the obvious peach titles (Peach Fuzz, Peachy Keen, Georgia Peach, even though Mark and I met at Georgia Tech).  That’s when my wife hit on the great idea that Ahn’s and Mark’s Son is a Mario nut.  Clearly I had to made it about Princess Peach!  The rest was “easy.”  Here is the label:


In case the test does not read well:  Princess Peach Ale, “Better than eating a ‘shroom.”


Hopville link:  http://hopville.com/recipe/684066/american-ipa-recipes/prince-peach-pale-ale

Brewmate link: http://www.brewmate.net/recipes/2aDRqWnjaL8EJOiu1UeR.xml


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