B-Day Label #11 Experimental Hop 946 #homebrew

One of the members of my local home brew club, Tom Schmidlin  had a batch of “brewer’s cuts” in his deep freeze. These are samples (1 cubic foot or so) of hops that growers send to pro brewers to test the seasons hops.  These cuts were left over form 2009 or 2010.  Tom asked me what kind of hops I would like.  I rattled off a list of, oh, about 10.  He replied back to the effect, “Hey Jerk, this is for sharing, not for hogging, pick one!”  Then he admitted he had a cut of “experimental hops.”

I was like, “why didn’t you say so in the first place?”  That had my name all over it.

Each year, hop growers grow a number of experimental hops.  These are hybrids, or tweaks of existing hops.  Most never see a second season, and this is likely one of them.  All we know about the hops are the measurements written in sharpie on the wrapper.  Speaking of which, when Tom brought a bunch of the cuts to a meeting, it looked like a very poorly hidden drug deal, handing out brown paper satchels to other members…

Tom indicated to expect that Alpha and Beta values had dropped by 25%.

The measurements:

alpha (5.4 less 25%)

Beta (5.6 less 25%).

The package also said:

Hops:  Burlotee, 0-313-30, Bale #6, 9-18-10, Exp, Lot 946 “RS”

I decied made a pale ale, 100% from the hops, like my Cascade Ale, to explore the hop. However to get the IBUs up I used a lot of hops:  50gms at 60, 20, 5. That is a lot of hops!  The amount of wort/beer sucked into those hops was heartbreaking.

The result:  to quote Mark:

Subject: The beer is delicious!
It’s great – perfect body and aroma, sweet flavor.

For the label I wanted to capture the experimental nature of the hops:



Hopville.com recipe:  http://hopville.com/recipe/775581/american-pale-ale-recipes/experimental-hop-946

Brewmate.net recipe:  http://www.brewmate.net/recipes/6esV1DqDoofNqmPyqPGz.xml


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