B-Day Labels #10 Mango Madness #2


This is follow up to Mango Madness.

This time around I had more mango, I also added 3-4 perfectly ripe peaches, and I left the pulp and pits in the mango (it was only in the fermenter for 2 weeks, I removed the peach pits but did not peel them).

The results was more mango, but also, over time, a bitterness from the pulp (or more like an astringency).  This turns out to be a good thing.  I brought the keg to Beer Stock shortly after kegging, and people loved it, and most said “Needs more Hops.”

Not a surprise at a NW Homebrew Event.  But in reality, what was happening was the mango cloyingness was overwhelming the 50 IBUs already there.  As the CO2 has taken effect and the astringency kicked in, it has balanced better.  I still might crank up the IBUs 5 more anyway.   Also the efficiency of the grist was way off (1052 instead of 1060) and that may be adding to the sweetness.  When I racked from secondary, before adding Mango,  it was thickkkkkkkk.

The picture on the label seems to be a screen shot from some flash game I could not find.  I did use a new trick.  Word seems to be struggling with all the Word Art (the CPU spikes when I move the labels as it renders everything).  I create one document with the word art, and just one label.  I then paste it into another, “As a Picture.”  then I use that picture to make 6 labels.  The second document is does not cause all the CPU loading.


Hopville.com recipe:  http://hopville.com/recipe/841437/american-ipa-recipes/mango-madness-2


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