B-Day Labels #9 Mango Madness #1

You know when you name a beer “#1” to begin with, you are planning #2…

This beer was specific for Anh.  Years ago Anh spent some time in Florida.  She is crazy for mangos,  While there she befriended a mango farmer who made a deal to sell her Mangos direct every year.  So every year Anh and Mark get over 100 Mangos.  Their kitchen, which is quite large, becomes overwhelmed with Mango.

Anh wanted a Mango beer.  So off the heals of the Princess Peach Pale Ale I made my standard IPA and added the Mango.  As Anh had mangos get overripe she would cut them and freeze them.  At some point Mark dropped off a ziplock or two of frozen mango.

I did not really weigh it going in, but I did fill a large sauce pan and hold the fruit at 160-170, though it got to 180.  The problem was I forgot to account for the 12 hours it would take to defrost the Mango.

Since I knew I was making more than one mango beer, I bottled the whole batch, or really had my minions bottle it for me.

The End result was very nice.  Interestingly, if the beer is cold, you do not get much Mango aroma or flavor, but let it warm, and it really comes in.

The Label was based on a photo from their kitchen this year:


Hopville recipe:  http://hopville.com/recipe/711844/american-ipa-recipes/mango-madness-pale-ale


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