8th MS Anniversary: Magic 8 Beer #homebrew

Update:  I posted an Instructable on this.


Each at Microsoft, people tend to bring in X pounds of chocolate (usually M&Ms), where X is the number of years they have been at Microsoft. 3 years ago, I celebrate my 5th year with5 gallons of Nutcastle Brown, since it has chocolate malt in it.  2 years ago, I brought my Accidental Imperial Stout with 6 oz. of chocolate nibs in it.  Last year I celebrated my Voyage at Microsoft  with my 7’Cs beer.

This year I tried to find a find way to work “8” into it.  And yes, even though I spent the last 3 years working on Windows 8, and we shipped right around then, and shipped Windows Phone 8, I never thought about that.  What I did think was “Magic 8 Ball.”

So I announce this year I have developed  the Magic 8 Beer!

The beer part was easy, Brew a Cascadian Dark Ale.  That took 1 second of mental effort and 4 hours to brew.

Now for the Magic 8 Ball part.  After many iterations of ideas, I settled on an 8-sided Paper die, which is Shellacked and Epoxied and cured to make it water proof, and food safe.


Each die has 8 sayings or pictures.  Each die is unique, though about 3/5 of the sides came from a short list of repeated phases.  The creation of the die took hours of research, prototyping and pondering.  The phrases took a couple of hours to create, the Visio file took a few hours to create (over time) and the shellacking, cutting, gluing and epoxying  to 5-6 hours more.


Then came the cozies.  At a work event that had these cozies


which bent around the bottles or cans.  There were spares, and I knew I would use them somehow.  I hit the idea of dyeing them black and spray painting the magic 8 beer sign across them.

Great idea except it did not work.  The fluorescent green nylon did not take the fabric die, and the raised black ink just laughed at it.  So Plan B was spray paint it black then white stenciling.  Plan B failed with the green bleeding through.  Plan C was spray with white over the green, passable.  Plan F…G…H…, I lost track, was spray Killz, then black, then white lettering.  That is what I went with:


The result was fine, the raised ink really pops.  The hard part was the stencil which got loaded with paint.


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