Temperature Controller #1 #homebrew

Homebrew (http://www.homebrewfinds.com/2012/02/temp-controller-round-up.html) finds regularly posts controllers on sale at eBay, like this:

D2381_1 (2)

These appear to be aquarium controllers.  Hey get sold on eBay for $13/$20 or more, including shipping.   You have to be careful to select the right voltage, look to see if they are dual stage (heat and cool), and wired or not.  The unit I bought  is dual stage, un-wired, and reads Celsius only.  The seller has been awesome when there have been issues, and shipping was fast (from Hong Kong).

My plans for this is a fermentation controller since I want to have both heat and cooling, but I also want to play with it.  The controller can handle 10A at 220V, which is 15A at 120, sorta, I would not want to push it with something like a heat stick, but an aquarium heater, immersion heater, hot plate, even a fridge should be fine.

I did some quick tests, mostly hooking up power up and attaching it to an outlet.

When I went to look for ways to mount the controller, I did a quick search.  A few just mounted it into random boxes, and some into the device they were controlling (like a keezer).  But then the awesome Revvy from homebrewtalk posted his build in a long thread.

So I had to build that!  I modified the circuit in a few ways.  I saw no need for a different outlet for heat and cool.  You can split an outlet and I would never need to plug two things at once.  That gave me room to put a switch in the unit. Then I ran the entire circuit through a GFCI.  All down stream circuits are protected and I have a GFCI circuit for tools.  Given that this will be used for water areas, this is critical.

I really like this package, as it is portable, clean and protected.

Temperature Controller Box

The circuit I used:



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